• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Chinese rocket in fall, no fragments on Italy


May 9, 2021

Excluding the fall of one or more fragments of space debris on Italy. This was announced by the Civil Protection, through a press release on its website, based on the latest data provided by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) at the technical table that followed the uncontrolled return to the atmosphere of the second stage of the Chinese space launcher ‘Lunga Marcia 5B’ , underlining that “it is possible to exclude the fall of one or more fragments of space debris on our territory”. Most of the rocket was destroyed during the return, according to the BBC website, which cites Chinese media, while some parts would have ended up in the Indian Ocean, west of the Maldives. The second stage of the Chinese rocket ‘Long March 5B it then re-entered the atmosphere on the Indian Ocean, in an area close to the Maldives islands, according to what was announced by the Chinese space agency. The passage of space debris on the trajectory that affected a large part of Italy was therefore verified without impact.