Legal dead teacher, ‘AsraZeneca manufacturer responsibility’

“We believe that there is full responsibility on the company producing the vaccine Astrazeneca SpA, for having culpably omitted in the informative notes of the same drug the side effects, such as polydistrict thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, which occurred on Zelia, which resulted in her death”. This is the complaint of the lawyer Valerio Messina, lawyer of the family of Zelia Guzzo, the 37-year-old teacher who died in Gela, Sicily, after receiving the Astrazeneca vaccine. The married woman had a child not even two years old. In recent days, the Prosecutor of Gela closed the investigation against the doctors and nurses who were in charge of the woman. For the prosecutors “there are no criminal correlations” between the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the death of the teacher “attributable to doctors or health workers who treated the woman”. The investigation into unknown persons was for manslaughter. The teacher was given the vaccine last March 1 and died three weeks later. For tomorrow morning, at 9.15 am, her husband, Andrea Nicola Nicosia, organized a silent protest demonstration in front of the Court of Gela. According to the family, represented by the lawyer Valerio Messina with the lawyer Antonio Cozza of the Perugia bar, the “omission of some risks of thrombosis in the information notes” of the vaccine, as explained to Adnkronos, “did not allow the car teacher to determine oneself freely and consciously with regard to vaccination, which we remember is the result of an act of love for oneself and for others “. The lawyer recalls: “The etiological link between the inoculation of the Vaxzevria Anti-covid 19 vaccine and the death of Mrs. Zelia Guzzo has been scientifically found, in the meantime, in the absence of any contributing cause”. And he remembers: “The technical consultancy signed by the ctpm, headed by Professor Cristoforo Pomara, appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Gela, indeed, put in writing that the cause of death of Mrs. Guzzo was due to multidistrict thrombosis and thrombocytopenia , which adverse reactions from the Astrazeneca vaccine “.” At that point the Prosecutor of Gela in the persons of the deputy prosecutors Ubaldo Leo and Gaetano Scuderi coordinated by the Attorney Fernando Asaro, asked for the case to be closed, since if on the one hand, strict liability was ascertained , on the other hand, in the opinion of the prosecutors, there are no indications of guilt on certain subjects “, continue the lawyers. “From the elements collected together with the help of the technical consultants of the party, Mauro Bacci and Carmine Gallo, there are some very important studies conducted by a team of American scientists, dating back to over a decade ago and in particular in 2007, which show how the ‘adenovirus (viral vector used by the astrazeneca vaccine) caused widespread thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, once it came into contact with human organisms “, they explain.” These studies, neglected negligently, have been published in the journal blood, as a medical scientific source of authority worldwide, cited among other things as a source of in-depth analysis by the CTPM signatories of the technical consultancy de qua “, adds Messina. And for tomorrow morning, the woman’s husband and relatives and friends have made an appointment in front of the Court of Gela. (by Elvira Terranova)

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