Yoga day is back live on June 21, events also online

Every year, all over the world, June 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Yoga, the so-called Yoga Day. And in Italy the events come back at least partially live after last year’s forced ‘break’ due to restrictions for the pandemic: the appointments begin tomorrow and end on June 26 with events to follow in places of worship in the most beautiful Italian cities, Rome and Florence, and partly on the social pages of the Indian embassy. Among the novelties of this year, there will be the change of location in Rome. From the Piazza del Campidoglio, which hosted the last two sessions in the presence of the past years, the practice with the mat moves to Castel Sant’Angelo. On 11 December 2014, the 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly approved the proposal, with a record consensus of 177 countries that became co-promoters of the resolution, including Italy, thus declaring June 21, the day of the Solstice of ‘Summer, International Yoga Day. Since that time, Idy has been celebrated annually by all UN member states. Since that December 2014, Italy has joined the celebrations and hundreds of participants have enthusiastically celebrated June 21, crowding the squares in the name of Yoga and unity. distances and reducing the number of practitioners. All events are free: this year they were therefore organized with a mixed model made up of yoga classes, meditation and online conferences and 4 sessions open in the presence of the usual yoga practice based on the Common Yoga Protocol, hosted in Florence, Rome and San Marino. June 17 is therefore the beginning with Yoga in Piazza Santa Croce / Florence – 6 pm; June 18: Yoga at Ex Tiro a Volo / San Marino – 6 pm; 19 June: Yoga in Castel Sant’Angelo / Rome – 6 pm; 21 June: Yoga at the Farnesina / Rome (by invitation). There are also 14 online meetings on the Embassy’s social channels. The Indian Embassy has been organizing the celebrations of the International Yoga Day since 2015 and the event has now become a reference event for all fans of the capital and beyond. In addition to having national resonance, the event is part of the larger framework of the celebrations that are being held around the world to celebrate the day.

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