Ardea, shooting: “Mother heard the shots, then she understood and screamed”

“Five minutes before the shooting a patrol of the carabinieri of Marina di Ardea had gone to check that my client Domenico Fusinato was at home to respect the house arrest order”. This is explained by the lawyer Diamante Ceci, lawyer of the parents of the little David and Daniel, killed yesterday in Ardea together with an elderly man of a 34 year old. Read also “The control of the carabinieri took place when the two children were already on the pitch with their bicycles – adds the lawyer -. The mother was outside and heard the shots, she thought they were firecrackers or hunters shots. The woman then realized what had happened and started screaming. At that point the same patrol that returned to the area alerted by the central. ”“ The mother – the lawyer continues – intervened a few moments after the shots fired by Andrea Pignani. He found his children in a pool of blood, they were still breathing ”. “The family had decided to live in that area because it was a quiet place to raise the children – explains the lawyer -. They had moved into that house for about a year and a half. I got to hear from my clients this morning, they are destroyed but they ask for respect for this absurd drama they are experiencing ”.

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