Giletti, goodbye to La7?

Farewell of Massimo Giletti at La7? The greeting from the conductor last night before the summer break, at the end of the last of the 35 episodes of the season, opens up to different interpretations. “This was the last episode of ‘Non è l’Arena’. They have been 4 extraordinary years lived here on La7 … I wish you a happy summer. To Maiora and thanks”, Giletti said accompanied by the song in the background. by Vasco Rossi ‘A better world’. “It is not easy to think about leaving. And taking melancholy with you”, the verse of the passage that can be heard while the journalist greets his audience. A greeting that sounds more like a goodbye than a goodbye.Thank you for joining us in all 35 episodes of the season.
Good night! Good summer! Ad Maiora! #Nonelarena #Giletti # La7— It’s not the Arena (@nonelarena) June 14, 2021

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