AstraZeneca, Crisanti: “Vaccine mix not supported by data”

The solution of the mix between vaccines, after the stop in Italy at AstraZeneca for the under 60s, “is not supported by data”. Professor Andrea Crisanti thus expresses himself on the prospect of administering the second dose of Moderna and Pfizer to subjects under 60 who received the first dose of AstraZeneca. The picture in Italy has changed after the last cases of thrombosis following the administration of the vaccine. “We try to remedy this mess that has been made by proposing the double vaccination. Personally I think that from the scientific immunological point of view there should be no problems, but the fact remains that we are implementing a measure that from an experimental point of view is not supported by data “, says Crisanti, full professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua, speaking at ‘Half an hour more’. Read also “Viral vector vaccines” should not have been given to young people; this is a situation we should not have found ourselves in, “he says, referring to the administration of AstraZeneca to an 18-year-old who died after receiving the vaccine.” The indications of the Cts and Ema – explains Crisanti – were clear, ‘preferentially to the over 60’. Preferably it means in the absence of alternatives, but since the alternatives were there, because Pfizer and Moderna were available, young people did not have to be vaccinated with viral vector vaccines “.” A very serious communication error was made on vaccines; the fundamental error was not saying: ‘These vaccines are approved in an emergency, so what Aifa and Ema say are not the tables of the law ‘, but it means that as we accumulate data, we will change the indications, ”he adds.

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