AstraZeneca and recall, Hope: “Best response from vaccine mix”

“Heterologous vaccination has already been used by major countries like Germany for several weeks and the results are encouraging. There are some studies that testify that the immune response is even better than that with two doses of the same vaccine.” della Salute Roberto Speranza meeting with journalists at the Ministry to take stock of the vaccination campaign after the AstraZeneca vaccine stop for the under 60s. “We have a very clear message, avoid using Astrazeneca under the age of 60 for both the first and for the second dose ”, reiterated Speranza. “I am in the formal documents that Ema produces, we cannot attend interviews every day. Ema is clear: she gives indications from the age of 18 upwards. The indications of our scientists go to the use of AstraZeneca over 60 years both for the first the second “, he added, commenting on the statements of Marco Cavaleri, president of Ema’s vaccines task force, regarding the possibility of banning the vaccine even for over 60s.
“The CTS worked for many days on how to continue this vaccination campaign. It did so in close connection with the Ministry of Health on the one hand and with Aifa, in constant contact with Ema as well. The new indications that were presented by the Cts, and have already been forwarded to the Regions, were decided unanimously after an important discussion also with Aifa, which was an integral part of the decision-making process, with the participation of both director Magrini and director Pal├╣ ”, underlined the minister . “I would like to strongly reaffirm that the vaccination campaign is a fundamental weapon to overcome this phase. Tomorrow is an important day for our country because we will reach two thirds of the Italians who will be in the white zone. It is very good news that testifies to the positive trend of the vaccination campaign. We are now at 42 million doses administered with one Italian out of two who has had the first dose. We must insist on this terrain and continue the vaccination campaign with all energy, a real weapon to try to open a different phase ”.

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