Como, 90 years old raped: a young man arrested

A homeless young Nigerian was arrested in Lomezzano on suspicion of raping and robbing a nearly ninety-year-old pensioner. The Province of Como reports it, according to which the facts date back to Friday evening, when, between 21 and 22, the woman heard noises coming from the kitchen. The woman found the 26-year-old rummaging through and the young man, instead of fleeing, reacted violently towards the pensioner. First he attacked her, yanking her hard. He then dragged her to another room and sexually abused her. After several minutes, the young attacker left, not before taking the woman’s cell phone. In a state of shock, the pensioner still found the strength to sound the alarm. She left the house and walked to the home of one of her children. To whom he told what had happened, the man then called the carabinieri who immediately set out to hunt down the person responsible. Providing the decisive elements to allow the soldiers of the Lomazzo station to track down the attacker was the woman herself, who not only provided a very detailed and accurate description but also explained that she had noticed that young man in the previous days. The same carabinieri of Lomazzo have, in record time, collected information on the presence in the area of ​​a homeless foreigner. And they found that the man had found refuge in a disused building.

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