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Vaccine Scanzi, USL doctor: “We got into a lot of trouble”


Dec 2, 2021

“We got in a lot of trouble.” “Maybe let’s meet in person this morning or tomorrow.” This is one of the steps in the exchange of whatsapp messages – in the proceedings of the investigation of the prosecutor of Arezzo – between the doctor Evaristo Giglio, of the South East Tuscany ASL, who took care of inserting Scanzi among the vaccinable subjects, and the general practitioner of the journalist, Roberto Romizi, who had asked him if it was possible for his client to access the vaccine. The exchange of messages takes place at 8.17 on 21 March, exactly two days after the journalist’s vaccination. The two health workers, in light of the media hype aroused by the news that Scanzi had been vaccinated (made known by a post on social media in which Scanzi himself informed that he had been vaccinated as a ‘vaccine bench’, or that he had been included in the reserve lists ), they appear worried. “I don’t know if you saw that Scanzi mentioned us in a recent post,” writes the general practitioner. “I’ll give you a previous correspondence with him that could be useful”. In a conversation prior to the journalist’s vaccine, Giglio explained to Scanzi’s doctor: “I haven’t been able to insert it yet because he is a well-known person…. I have to fix it safely… but I haven’t forgotten it”. “There is no doubt… ..I understand very well …… better not risk it”, the reply. Doctor Usl, ‘with excuse, inspection for the newspaper, then let’s move on to the vaccine …’ A series of exchanges of messages on whatsapp between Giglio and Scanzi are also filed. At 3.43 pm on March 15, the doctor wrote to Scanzi: “Don’t make commitments on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll let you know the time tomorrow. As a precaution, given its notoriety, we move to the district of Monte San Savino. Doses should be left over ”. Scanzi replies: “Okay. But I have a firm commitment from 15.30 to 17 (a trial, ed). So I could in the late afternoon “, approving the proposal to move to a vaccination hub less ‘in the spotlight’:” Quite right Monte San Savino. Thank you ”, he writes. The doctor replies: “I think after 17 … I would have thought of going together with the excuse of a cognitive inspection by a newspaper and advancing the dose we switched to the vaccine. …” On the case (without suspects) of the vaccine in Scanzi is filing was requested by the deputy prosecutor Marco Dioni. In the request, the prosecutor noted among other things that “the interested parties were all heard and made available to the investigators the whatsapp messaging demonstrating the total absence of willful misconduct and the fact of having nothing to hide”. The hearing to oppose the request for filing is set for tomorrow, December 3, before the Gip of the court of Arezzo, Giulia Soldini.

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