• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Transported in precarious conditions, 36 dogs saved


May 8, 2021

They carried dogs in conditions incompatible with animal welfare, causing them suffering. The Gorizia State Police stopped an Italian van that was transporting 36 dogs of various breeds from Serbia to Italy for a check. The policemen of the Crime Prevention Department of Turin, in consideration of the precarious conditions of transport of the animals, took the vehicle to the headquarters of the Border Police of “Casa Rossa” for more detailed checks. The staff ascertained the regular presence of passports and microchips only for some of the animals, while others lacked any identification data, as well as part of the required health documentation. Furthermore, it was verified that the transport of the dogs, including 8 puppies in a single cage, had been carried out in conditions incompatible with animal welfare, causing them suffering.The vehicle used, in fact, was deemed unsuitable for the transport of such a large number of animals, especially considering the long duration of the journey, which would then have had to continue to various Italian locations, as well as the fact that some of the large dogs had been crammed into cages so small as to prevent them from being able to being able to maintain an upright or lying position.During the health and police investigations it emerged that they were valuable dogs, most of which belonged to breeds typically used for hunting, such as hounds, bracchi and English setters, already gifted of foreign certification certifying the specific hunting training received and whose market value, precisely by virtue of the specific characteristics The driver of the vehicle, an Italian previously involved in a similar episode, was reported to the local Judicial Authority for the violation of the rules on the transport and introduction of pets, while all the 36 dogs were entrusted to the care of the veterinarians of the company health kennel of Asu Fc in Udine, at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor of Gorizia, which is also proceeding for the crime of mistreatment of animals.