• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Brazil, massacre in the favela of Rio: the dead are 28


May 8, 2021

The death toll from the operation against drug trafficking in the Jacarezinho favela in Rio de Janeiro has risen to 28 dead. Local media reported this, citing police sources. There is also an agent among the victims of what is considered to be the bloodiest raid in the history of the city and which the Brazil section of Amnesty International has called a “massacre”. Initially the toll of the blitz was 25 dead, but as explained by the news agency ‘Agencia Brasil’, three people died in hospital from their injuries.The Jacarezinho favela is known to be one of the bases of the Vermelho Command (Commando Rosso), a criminal organization based in the north of Rio. In July, the Supreme Court of Brazil suspended police operations in the favelas during the pandemic, allowing them only “in absolutely exceptional cases”.