Petition with over 600,000 signatures to free Assange sent to Biden from Australia

“Dear President Biden, I am the signatory – supported by over 606,000 subscribers – of the largest petition ever presented in both Houses in the history of the Australian Parliament: ‘Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late, Petition for No USA Extradition’. write is a compatriot of the founder of Wikileaks, Phillip Adams from Brisbane: the letter accompanying the signatures is dated June 11 and is addressed directly to US President Joe Biden. “You know the case. Free him and stop the mental torture – the document continues – Let’s look at the maintenance of Australian sovereignty and the excellent relations with the US “. Continuing the persecution of Assange, initiated by Trump with a legal precedent, would mean destroying” the sovereignty of our Australian citizens / non-American “. And the recent appeals to free Assange are also multiplying in Europe. In Switzerland, the city of Geneva relaunches the initiatives with” Assange free, immediately! “, recalling that, despite last January 5 a British court has denied the extradition of Julian Assange, he is still in the Belmarsh maximum security prison, “the British Guantanamo”, where he would be in solitary confinement for 22 hours a day. To denounce this situation and on the occasion of the G7, in Geneva a demonstration was held in the name of the journalist and at the same time, a petition was signed – among the others – by the mayor of the city himself, while the UN representative against torture, Nils Melzer, spoke publicly. “The Assange case is the biggest legal scandal in history,” he said. There is no end in the story of the founder of Wikileaks: after 7 years of isolation in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange was extradited to England, tried and arrested. Donald Trump’s latest ‘gift’ to press freedom was not to pardon him (as Obama did with Manning in 2017) and to appeal the British judge’s verdict, reiterating the extradition request. A legacy that, at least for now, the new Biden administration has decided to follow. The Australian journalist, among the many counts, is accused of having disclosed war crimes committed by the US government.

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