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Pistoia, to 6 people physiological solution instead of the vaccine


Physiological solution instead of the Pfizer vaccine dose for 6 people today in Pistoia. This was reported by the competent Ausl, central Tuscany, in a press release published on the site. “During the afternoon vaccination session on 11 June at the San Biagio center in Pistoia there was an event of administration of physiological solution in place of Pfizer vaccine for six people. The vaccination team realized that they had used one less vial compared to those that would have been necessary to vaccinate the people registered in the box up to that moment, carrying out a periodic check of congruence between the doses administered and the drugs taken from the refrigerator. found are 36, 30 of which have been correctly vaccinated “, reads the statement. “The health worker has mistakenly diluted one of the vials already used, devoid of active ingredient, with physiological solution. The dilution operation was carried out in compliance with the rules of sterility. The six people to whom the physiological solution was administered do not run no risk, nor have they suffered any damage from the administration It will be the responsibility of the USL Company to contact all 36 users on Saturday 12 June to inform them that, during the vaccination session, some people have received physiological solution and not vaccine. Even though the six users who received physiological solution are identifiable following the reconstruction of the events conducted so far, the Company, after 28 days, will propose blood sampling to check the antibody titers for Covid to all 36 users. ‘survey will make it possible to identify the 6 unvaccinated people with certainty, to which new or vaccination cycle “, emphasizes the health company.” The USL Company will activate its Clinical Risk team to carry out audits on the dynamics of the session and to analyze any weak points regarding the implementation of the vaccination procedure “, reads the press release again “I am deeply sorry about what happened”, declares the General Manager of the Usl company, Paolo Morello Marchese. “I would like to point out that none of the users risk damage to their health following the administration of physiological solution. Once the necessary laboratory investigations have been carried out, the USL will promptly undertake to carry out a new vaccination cycle for the six citizens ”, he adds.



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