AstraZeneca, Crisanti: “Open days had to be done with other vaccines”

The death of the 18-year-old from Sestri Levante suffering from thrombosis after the first dose of Astrazeneca vaccine is “dramatic news”. “I wonder: how is it possible that the initiative was taken to give this vaccine in this age group, beyond the existing recommendations? Was the CTS informed? It had to be consulted before, not after”. To tell Adnkronos Salute is the virologist Andrea Crisanti. Read also “I am amazed that the initiative to organize Astraday for 18 year olds was taken without the advice of a scientific expertise. We consider that between 10 and 19 years of age there were 6 Covid deaths of women in Italy . Now we have a death after vaccination with an adenoviral vector vaccine. The game is not worth the candle “, reflects the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua. “It is useless to hide behind the fact that in Italy a preferential use has been indicated for the vaccine in question over the age of 60. Preferential, when you have so many vaccines available, is equivalent to mandatory, let’s not fool ourselves. If you have any alternatives, don’t give it. The vax days had to be done with other vaccines. “” The problem now arises of the booster for the boys who received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. I would wait. with a different vaccine – he underlines – I keep repeating that without data you cannot vaccinate. From an immunological point of view there would be no contraindications to do the second dose with a different vaccine, but since there are no data I remain of the idea that we must have them in hand before proceeding. Although personally I don’t think there would be a risk of any kind, it is a matter of not being a sorcerer’s apprentice. This is not the banana republic. onsability to booster with a different vaccine without enough data? We must be consistent with the method “.” So now for the boys vaccinated with the first AstraZeneca dose – he remarks – I would wait with the recall and call them back around October-November. I would wait to have the data confirming that there is no danger in making a second dose with a different vaccine. We must be sure of this “.

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