AstraZeneca, Burioni: “This is how trust in vaccines is undermined”

“Remove AstraZeneca, put on AstraZeneca, remove AstraZeneca, put on AstraZeneca. Not to brag, but I had understood months ago (April 7) that it would end like this, unfortunately undermining trust in vaccines in general and giving twine to antiscience “. Thus the virologist Roberto Burioni on Twitter, regarding the debate on the anti-Covid ‘shield’ of the Anglo-Swedish company. The product is back in the spotlight because it is also administered to young and very young people as part of the vaccination Open Days organized by different Regions, despite the recommendation of the Italian drug agency Aifa which recommended a preferential use in over 60s, causing adverse reactions in two women. Burioni posted the article with which in ‘MedicalFacts’, the portal he founded, at the beginning of April he announced: “At the moment I will no longer talk about the AstraZeneca vaccine”. Noting that “the pharmaceutical company is silent about the efficacy and safety of its Covid-19 vaccine, in fact generating even more fear and uncertainty in people”. In another tweet, the professor of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan replies to a post by Claudio Borghi. “No, but quiet eh?”, Writes the Northern League deputy. “Let’s have the Open Days done and then let’s think about it. But the alternatives don’t work either”, explains Borghi, referring to the experts who propose to use other vaccines in young people. “Leave the kids alone,” he adds. “I do not agree with Claudio Borghi (as usual) – Burioni replies – but I must admit that in the AstraZeneca case everything has been done to undermine trust in vaccines. This is a serious problem, given that only mass vaccination can get us out of this disaster. “

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