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Vaccine, holidays and tourists: Veneto and Campania, what the regions say


(Zca / Adnkronos) Covid vaccine to tourists on vacation, what happens in the regions? The positions of the governors of Campania and Veneto, in view of the full summer, differ. “Vaccine to vacationers? Before evaluating I have to understand what we are talking about, because I have not understood anything”, says the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, answering a question about the opening of the Covid emergency commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to the administration of the second dose of vaccine to tourists on vacation. “What I can say – adds De Luca – is that the contribution that comes from the Italian state is of serious damage to our fellow citizens.” From the Italian state in this year and a half only a confusing contribution has arrived, and thank goodness the work the Regions do it otherwise this free-wheeling chatter would have left the country in disaster “, he adds. According to De Luca” one of the few things in particular that the Italian state should have done was to give certainty about the use of vaccines. There is an agency, Aifa, which is the only one that should speak on the health level and does not say a word “.” We will vaccinate the tourists, it will not be a river in flood because a get the vaccine. The stay of tourists in Veneto on average is 3 and a half days. It is an act of refinement and attention to “provide the vaccine for” the tourist who is sacred to us “, says the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia,” There will be a rebalancing of vaccines, I guess. We need two things: we have need the doses and we need that the certificate we issue to the tourist is recognized by the region of origin. If Venetian citizens arrive who have been vaccinated in other regions, we register them. To tourists who need the vaccine, we guarantee the ‘forcing’ of the system: they will book for the vaccine which obviously they will not do after 6 days “, he adds. “The theme of the stay and the minimum period, we decide all together”, says Zaia referring to the hypothesis of guaranteeing the vaccine for tourists who stay at least 2 weeks. For foreign tourists “there is the problem of the legitimacy of the certifications . To date we have not had any requests from tour operators “.



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