Bibolotti (Icer): “Historic turn in US intelligence report, UFOs exist”

“The report is clear and says that no extraterrestrial hypothesis is ruled out. And then why, if it were as some claim, would a secret weapon be revealed in front of enemies? It would make no sense. If they are secret weapons, no one knows them. We have films and films, and to get to know these objects in depth, there should be another physics, since they fly in an unthinkable way, violating our physical conceptions “. Vladimiro Bibolotti, president emeritus of the National UFO Center (Cun) and Italian deputy representative of the ICER, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, said this to Adnkronos, commenting on the US intelligence report on UFOs which ascertained the fact that the objects , or phenomena, observed by the military over the course of a couple of decades, are not the result of US technology. “Is there technology capable of deciphering them? No – he explains – also because NASA struggles to send people to the moon … If we had the right technologies, we would have solved all kinds of problems in this regard. The documents say that these objects exist. , it is history. Just as it is historical what is stated for the first time: UFOs are real, they exist. We do not know what they are, but they exist. And no nation on Earth is able to build them, that’s why we talk about ‘ extraterrestrials’. “They are the same objects flown over Washington in 1952. Now – continues Bibolotti – there is great embarrassment because with these confirmations it is not known how to justify the matter. I don’t have proof, I’m going by exclusion and logic “.