Marini (Acoi): ‘Go back to hospital, delay in recovery of treatment affects results’

“If you ask to go back to the disco, I don’t understand why you can’t ask to go back to the hospital.” This was stated by Pierluigi Marini, president of Acoi (Association of Italian hospital surgeons), during an online meeting for the presentation of ‘My health cannot wait’, an awareness campaign promoted by Johnson & Johnson Medical Italia to provide citizens with the tools to rediscover confidence in the safety of hospitals and favoring the return to treatment paths, restoring visits, screening and interventions interrupted by the pandemic. “Patients are also disoriented by health information that in a year and a half spoke only of Covid – added the expert – Too bad, because awareness on screening had given great results. Today, time-dependent diseases (for the plus those oncological, cardiovascular and neurological) have suffered a serious delay and in these diseases the delay can affect the results of the treatment plans “.” The indirect impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is translating into a worsening of the state of health of the population – continued Marini – We have monitored how the consequences of the measures taken against the pandemic have led to a reduction of about 80% of elective surgical activity and, in some situations, up to 35% of that in urgency; wherever we have the will to restart has been registered, but greater attention is needed towards the resources to be allocated to structures, technologies and training “.

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