Delta variant, Palù: “Only one of those that require attention”

On the covid variants “the words evoke thoughts and feelings, and often the term variant is associated with an imminent danger but it is not so, it is a natural evolution of viruses. The Delta variant is just one of the many of these variants that they care and require our attention. ” Giorgio Palù, president of Aifa, guest of ‘Buongiorno’, told Sky TG24. “What we know – he adds – is that these variants are held in check by the antibodies produced by vaccine stimulation. And in particular what can happen is that there is a certain ability to escape this control, but we know that the antibody titers , if they are very high, they are able to block not only the infection but also the expression of the disease. This applies to all variants. The South African one seems to be the contagious one and that better evades antibodies. Virological surveillance is important. , especially in outbreaks. and I would like to remind you that the low incidence we have today is possible to trace and identify the outbreaks in the bud by blocking them and resorting to quarantine, then containment “. As for the protection from variants with vaccines,” the studies have been conducted with those in mRna and prove to be very effective “.” I must say that they are vaccines that have an ease of preparation for which already s i are testing and studying these vaccines which also incorporate variants into their genetic message. By the time we talk about a third dose, we will probably have these vaccines already available. Studies on the duration of protection – Palù recalled – are accumulating from time to time, and what we are noticing is that more studies show that antibodies have a much longer duration than expected at the beginning. There are now about twenty studies that neutralizing antibodies remain even up to 11-12 months, but even more have a long life some cells of the immune system that are repositories of the immune memory and in case we come into contact with the virus again they are alerted and ready to produce a response capable of neutralizing the virus “.