Tv: Mariotto, ‘in Dancing vip naked with limits and weaknesses, more human, the public feels them close’

“Let’s start again with Dancing on October 16. A long-lived program loved by the public. There are VIPs and stars who bare their limitations and weaknesses. They cry, despair, confess, suffer, discover themselves, very human. And the public and viewers feel them close, participating in a great show of music and dance. No one excluded “. With these words Guillermo Mariotto announces, also for 2021, his participation in the jury of Ballando con lo Stelle, the program conducted by Milly Carlucci, which debuts on Rai1 on October 16. And he adds: “I don’t know what will happen this year. For sure with Morgan in the race they will be very lively evenings. In comparison, those of last season in full pandemic, with distance, plexiglass, masks and covid risk, I remember them rather relaxed”. The designer signs a new project ‘Luce by Guillermo Mariotto’ inspired by the Ecstasy of Santa Teresa d’Avila Guillermo Mariotto never stops creating. He designs dresses for the ladies and princesses of the Gulf and has accepted a new challenge, signing ‘Luce by Guillermo Mariotto’, a new project by Iris Ceramica Group. “I studied months and months to give shape to this project and I let myself be inspired by the sculptural draperies of the Ecstasy of Santa Teresa d’Avila, Bernini’s masterpiece, located in the Cornaro chapel, at the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, in Rome “, he says.” An innovative research that reworks classic elegance in a contemporary key, which gives a new dimension to architectural spaces – explains the designer – thanks to the light emanating from the precious materials. life to the material and the surrounding space and at the same time sinuosity, warmth and movement, making the true soul of the surfaces emerge from the shadow. Between light – adds Mariotto – and chiaroscuro declined in shades of gold, silver, gray, white, blue and black. Surfaces that reflect colors and lights, in a chameleonic way, always in motion. Places where I would like to live and with which to live “, he concludes.

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