Max Ferrigno’s ‘CamGirls’ at the Mec Museum in Palermo

As well as Klimt and Von Stuck who, in the period of the Viennese Secession, took inspiration from the muses of the Burgtheater in Vienna for the realization of their most famous masterpieces, the artist Newpop Max Ferrrigno, today makes the Cam Girls his inspiring muses at the time of the web. The collection that sees them as protagonists, with the homonymous title, ie “CamGirl”, is exhibited as part of a solo show at the MEC museum in Palermo (corso Vittorio Emanuele, 452), curated by Miliza Rodic. A solo exhibition that was inaugurated on 1 July last, and which has been so successful that it has been extended until 1 November. Max Ferrigno Piedmontese artist, but Palermo by adoption, known for his unique style which is a mixture of cinema, Japanese iconography and manga aesthetics, for the first time in the Cam Girl collection draws inspiration from real models, respecting their anatomical proportions without however abandon its unmistakable style. “Following the evolution of these online performers, in recent years we have clashed with platforms that sold some image and communication services. So, I started to follow those that most reflected my aesthetic circle, and thus the inspiring muses for my works were born ”, explains Max Ferrigno. Female figures that the artist compares to the inspiring muses and protagonists of the paintings of the great artists of the Viennese Secession. Thus, for example, from The Sin of Franz Von Stuckne born Sia Siberiao from the famous Nuda Veritas by Gustav Klimt, Ferrigno proposes floral motifs and essential geometries in his Pink Candy. The latter, moreover, is one of the two Italian Cam Girls chosen for this collection and also the only one with which the artist has done a photo shoot for the realization of the work. “I found Max’s idea a way to break prejudice through a different expressive language, like that of art,” says Pink Candy. “Often my work is seen as something ugly and stigmatized, however, what I appreciate in Max’s language is that in reality even in this work, as in life in general, it is possible to find the beauty and lightness that ‘is always, behind all things ”. Pink Candy hopes that art can help put aside the prejudice that remains behind sex work today. “I have freely chosen to do this job. The idea was born almost by chance, more out of my curiosity, for fun, and then instead it became a passion “, says the Cam Girl, who continues:” It all started one evening, when, for fun, I connected together with a friend. Slowly it became a specific profession. I define myself as a streamer who does adult entertainment, ”she concludes. Max Ferrigno, in fact, through the Cam Girl collection speaks of young women who choose to use the web as a tool for expression, and often for work, giving life to chats in which they show themselves in provocative clothes or simply disguised. A phenomenon, that of the Cam Girl, which is giving life to an impressive turnover. “Until now and during these first ten years of career, the morphology of my characters has always been linked to anime and manga canons, therefore anatomically in some ways disproportionate. In this case, for the first time I experience the real proportion. Only the eyes remain somewhat linked to my world, because in addition to the chrome you can, in my opinion, see my aesthetics in the eyes. And in the eyes of these women it is possible to perceive the beauty that lies behind every human soul ”, concludes the artist.

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