Baglioni: “Time and love are the protagonists of my latest project”

“The protagonists of this concert and this album are love and time. Love understood as a single story, in its phases of birth, curiosity, courtship, explosion, its ascending and descending parables. L The other protagonist is time, which is sometimes stronger than love itself, a doctor who heals certain wounds. Sometimes, the pain is also due to the fact of knowing that over time even a pain will pass … “. This is what Claudio Baglioni explains, at the presentation of the latest ‘total’ musical project signed by the Roman singer-songwriter, ‘In questo storia che รจ la mia’, recorded at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. “When careers become long, the past begins to increase with all its weight and its baggage, sometimes even of successes; and it will continue to press and sometimes to win even on your present and on your future – observes Baglioni – We musicians have the luck of being able to ‘play’ with time, the musical one: the fact of being able to keep time in hand is a sort of conciliation towards this battle against the ‘time’ factor, which each of us faces from the day it comes to the world “. As for the Sanremo Festival and the Eurofestival – for which he proposes himself with a smile as artistic director, only to define it himself as a ’boutade’ -” first the exploit of Mahmood, now the Maneskin at the first placed at the Eurovision Contest Song, testify in a relevant way that the Sanremo Festival has regained strength “. Baglioni observes:” For some years now, the level, even spectacular, of the musical proposals is decidedly interesting. Amadeus and I have the flow of the festival changed a little, with the call of groups, types, musical trends that Sanremo usually did not host or hosted with considerable delay. There has been a process of rejuvenation, in step with the times “. As for the concerts at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, at the Arena in Verona and at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, moved to next year,” the music system is very similar, music is a powerful protagonist. We will see what situation will arise for next year, hoping to have a condition similar to that of pre-Covid, to give new emotions “, explains Claudio Baglioni. Furthermore,” I would like to do something on television, because I am fond of it and I got a taste for it, even if for years and years I never went on TV even when I had my records to present. But not having the whole life ahead, if I want to do something I must hurry to do it … Adrenaline is the most effective of all drugs “, concludes Baglioni.

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