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Davide Sapienza: “Dylan so similar to Battiato for his elusive genius”


“Bob Dylan? Like Picasso. You may not like him. But it’s impossible not to reckon with him. He made fun of the world doing what he loved to do. So similar to Franco Battiato for his elusive genius”. This is the comment on the Adnkronos by Davide Sapienza, journalist, writer, music critic on Bob Dylan who will turn 80 next Monday. “He’s been on tour since the 1960s, he has as many years of career behind him – continued Davide Sapienza, author among other things for the Underground? critical and passionate, his firm will to carry on a musical discourse without ever making too many statements, too many interviews. Just think of what happened with the Nobel Prize. A film was made about him. Bob Dylan enjoyed them all. the controversy and he never commented. The Nobel Prize was for him a recognition like the others, perhaps he didn’t care much. Despite the controversy he simply decided not to go. Staying true to himself “. ‘A storytelling, a wanderer of music, a point of reference for his incredible independence’ “Bob Dylan – added Davide Sapienza – represents, in my opinion, the wandering spirit of music. It is no coincidence that he gave life to his Never ending tour for over 30 years. Not only a talent as an author, but also a catalyst of music and energy, like Miles Davis, a mirror for some artists of our country. Francesco De Gregori, for example, the Italian Bob Dylan “. “Bob Dylan continues to be a storytelling – continued Sapienza – a narrator of his time animated by courage, urgency above all by a singular boldness. A point of reference, for everyone, for his incredible independence”, he concluded.



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