Bob Dylan, opens a museum dedicated to the songwriter

Bob Dylan will have his own museum and the announcement comes on the eve of the 80th birthday of the ‘minstrel of rock’ awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. It is the Bob Dylan Center based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which will open its doors on May 10, 2022. Although the promoters of the initiative avoid using the word “museum”, the new institution will be the repository of over 100,000 “exclusive cultural treasures. “, which will be periodically exhibited to the public. The collection includes unpublished and published recordings, films of shows and performances, photographs and manuscripts. Architectural design firm Olson Kundig, of which Alan Maskin is the project manager, has revealed the exterior and interior renderings of the center, which will be located in Tulsa’s arts district, near an already popular attraction, the Woody Guthrie Center. . The building will host a screening room offering documentaries and concerts, some unpublished; a facsimile recording studio, “where visitors will experience what it was like to be present at one of Dylan’s historic recording sessions”; a multimedia timeline covering Dylan’s entire life; a rotating exhibition of materials from Dylan’s archive. A section of the museum dubbed ‘Columbia Records Gallery’ will be devoted to “deep diving” in some of his most revered songs. Bob Dylan’s archive was bought in 2016 by the foundation of oilman George Kaiser who also bought the papers in 2011. by Woody Guthrie. Both museums are part of the George Kaiser Family Foundation’s American Song Archives project.

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