• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

The alleged scammer of Marini’s mother speaks: “ I’m not a thief, my life turned upside down ”


May 5, 2021

” Hi, my name is Giuseppe Milazzo Andreani, I am Sicilian, I live in Rome and I am a film producer ”. Thus begins the video entitled ‘The truth of Giuseppe Milazzo Andreani’ that the film producer, indicted on charges of having cheated the mother of Valeria Marini, Gianna Orrù, and destined for the television program ‘Le Iene’, has decided instead of sending it to Adnkronos claiming to want to divulge it because the Italia 1 program, by not transmitting it, did not give him the right to reply. “I can not help but publish the video of denial with the answers to the questions that the correspondent Filippo Roma of the television program ‘Le Iene’ had previously sent to my lawyer. Today – Milazzo announces – this video will be made public on the net. if my life has now been completely turned upside down I hope that at least with this video we can clarify the events of which I am accused. I am a person who grew up on the street and I know very well how life works, but I am neither dishonest nor a thief, my honor is priceless ”. “I’m not running away from anyone, I simply wanted to avoid the media trial – he explains – but I believe in judges and the judiciary but at this point I find myself forced to intervene to clarify my position ”, specifying that “ obviously all the procedural facts concerning the lawsuit pending with Mrs Orrù, specifically, will not be exposed in order not to override or violate the duties of the mag Istratura. When Filippo Roma stopped me and uttered the word ‘it’s all a hoax’ – Andreani continues – I was not referring to the investment ‘to the fact that Ms. Orrù artfully edited a story declaring herself cheated. Mrs. Orrù knew very well what kind of investment she was going to make, it was not the first time that she tried investments. Just think of the proposals from both Russian and Chinese lenders, as can be seen from some messages (messages that the producer shows in the video) that the same lady proposed to me for the production of some films ”. ” Ms. Orru paid a sum of money into an account that was used for financial operations and was in the name of the undersigned – he continues – the sum only passed through that account and then be turned over to the online trading company of the real investor . Ms. Orrù and I both paid sums of money looking for an advantageous investment but she was aware of the possible risk of financial loss given her consolidated experience in this regard demonstrable by the messages she sent me ”. Milazzo admits in the video that he lied when he told the correspondent of ‘Le Iene’ that he had had a history of sex with Marini’s mother: “I have never had a history of sex with Mrs. Orrù – he stresses – I expressed myself incorrectly, those were statements thrown away. Pursued by the questions of Filippo Roma – Andreani claims – embarrassed because I was in front of two people who were with me, I did not reason. I considered her as a second 80-year-old mother, to help. I have phantom photos and even if I had them, I am not the kind of person who undermines the dignity of any woman, I am a clean person as evidenced by my criminal record (which shows in the video), these things do not belong to me. ” And on the trader, a certain Andrea Inturri, who Marini’s mother claims never existed, Milazzo continues: “” Andrea Inturri is not a non-existent character, at the time of the facts he presented himself to me and Mrs. Orrù as a expert trader and here it is lified with that name and surname. Both my money and that of Orrù went to him. ” The bank transfer slips in his favor by Marini’s mother with the reason for ‘co-investment for online trading’ ” are not false – he says – I transferred the sum received to the account to the company that dealt with the investments, as agreed with Mrs. Orrù. I reserve the right to provide further documents relating to the event to the judiciary. At the time, this person (Inturri, ed) who defined himself as an expert trader was introduced to me by an acquaintance of mine – Andreani still tells in the video – I introduced him to Mrs. Orrù, as she often did with the investors of his knowledge which he presented to me. ” Milazzo then affirms that between him, Valeria Marini and the showgirl’s mother there was a relationship of trust for some time: “She and her daughter often commissioned me different types of services, including the purchase of some household appliances – she tells us screenshot of a text message sent to him by Marini in November 2018, where the showgirl asks her the price of some appliances – I accompanied them to private parties, dinners and even to the airport. In 2013 Ms. Marini had commissioned me the docu-film of her marriage and has never paid for this service, neither to me nor to my crew. ‘I met this lady (Marini’s mother, ed) in 2013 – continues the film producer – how is it possible that she claims that she has only known when there was the post-production of the short film, in 2016, where his daughter had worked? ” Finally on why, given that he exists, he has not yet denounced the trader Inturri, Milazzo concludes: “ Io non l ‘I denounced f up to now because I hoped until the end of being able to recover the money invested by both myself and Mrs. Orrù. I don’t have the financial means to give up hope of getting my money back, I have to support two children. I am a family man and that is why I have not invested large sums of money. ” (By Alisa Toaff)