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Matteo Mancosu operated on for a tumor, his story


“I had an operation on March 26th. For cancer”. Thus began the post of the Lecce captain, Matteo Mancosu, who told his experience on Instagram. The player from Salento missed four games in April after undergoing surgery and last weekend returned to the field against Cittadella and today he clarified his condition. “I saw a world that I never thought I knew, I saw the terror in the eyes of the people I love, I saw the terror and concern of my wife who for the same reason lost her father this summer, I had the afraid of not being able to raise my daughter, I took exams in the best Italian centers, alongside people who to date I don’t even know if they are alive, if they managed to overcome their illness – she writes – There, in that waiting room there they are social reasons, it does not matter if you are a lawyer, a footballer, a president or a very normal employee, there we are all the same, all struggling with something we cannot control. ” “The doctors told me that my season was over and that I had to think about next year, after two weeks I was on the pitch running – reads the post again – After a month I would have to go back to Milan to find out if I should do the chemo or not, I haven’t gone there yet because I want to do the thing I love most in the world, playing football, then we’ll see at the end of the season. I’ve already won. ” “Life may not always be fair because I don’t think that neither I nor anyone else in this world deserves to have a tumor but I also think that courage must never be lacking, the courage to face all kinds of adversities that life puts before us. , the courage to take responsibility, the courage to show oneself weak and be stronger than one thinks – writes Mancosu – This for me means being ‘Man’ and sincerely, believe me, of all the mistakes I make, of a high rigor or of a mistake in front of the goalkeeper, I don’t give a shit about these things because they are things that only happen to those who take the responsibility to do, to have courage, to try, to make mistakes and try again “, continued the player. “I decided to talk about it just now because before I didn’t feel ready, I needed to live it in privacy with the people I love and for this I want to apologize to those I lied to hide the real reason for my problem. or on March 26th and from that day on I am even more proud of myself and of who I am next to “, he concluded.

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