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Battiato, farewell to the Maestro in memory of ‘Povera Patria’


The farewell to Franco Battiato, who died at the age of 76 in his home in Milo, also passes through the memory and mention of ‘Povera Patria’, a milestone in the Maestro’s artistic production. The hall of the Chamber recalled Battiato with a series of speeches by deputies from various parliamentary groups. It was Federico Mollicone, of FdI, who asked to be able to remember the Sicilian singer-songwriter. “A great man of music, theater, cinema, poetry. A spiritual and esoteric master”, said Mollicone to the applause of Montecitorio. “Not only a cultured and very human man, a mystic, experimenter, hermit, leaves a huge void. From today our homeland is a little poorer”, underlined Luciano Nobili, of Iv. “His poems are also a beacon for young people, for those who will come. Thanks to Minister Franceschini who immediately decided to dedicate the Genoa singer-songwriter’s house to Battiato,” said Carla Cantone, of the Democratic Party. Luca Rodolfo Paolini, of the Lega, explained that “the life of all of us crossed with the songs of Battiato” and Antonella Papiro, of the M5S, spoke of “a free thinker, a poet of music who laid the foundations of a path that is never banal. I feel I have to thank a great master of music capable of guiding many musicians like me with his genius, succeeding and becoming a musical reference for entire generations “. “The song ‘Povera Patria’ by Battiato? It can be done, indeed it must be done. It is only necessary to think that it can be done by committing one’s energies and everyone must be convinced that if he has a goal it can be achieved , never lose courage “said the national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho. “However, it is important to believe that man’s greatest wealth is freedom and dignity – he stressed – when the heritage is solid, a better future can be built”. “Poor country crushed by the abuses of power … Of infamous people, who do not know what modesty is … Among the rulers how many perfect and useless fools … Goodbye Franco Battiato” the memory on Twitter of Roberto Saviano, quoting ‘Povera Patria’ A photo with Battiato in the foreground and the map of Sicily in the background. And then a phrase from ‘Povera Patria’: “‘… it will change, you will see it will change …’ Goodbye Franco”. So the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, from his Facebook page, wanted to greet the Maestro for the last time. “Battiato was a poet and cantor of Sicily, a brilliant and multifaceted Master, a man outside the box. Inextricably linked to his Ionia and Etna, he will continue forever to represent our Island, with music and poetry that have marked the lives of all. us “, added, in a note, the governor Musumeci. Even the Accademia della Crusca on his Twitter profile recalled Battiato:” In the endless corpus of Franco Battiato’s songs, music and text meet and clash alternating experimentalism (Pollution) , playfulness (Cuccurucucu), commitment (Povera Patria), mysticism (The shadow of light), romanticism (La cura) … “.



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