Listen to TV, ‘Mina Settembre’ wins the evening and beats ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’

‘Mina Settembre 2’ won the ratings of yesterday’s prime time. In fact, Rai1’s fiction conquered 4,802,000 viewers and 23.7% in the first episode and 4,622,000 with 27.3% in the second. Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ gained the second position thanks to 2,254,000 viewers and 11.1% (in the ‘Il table’ segment it obtained 1,220,000 with 7.8%). Third step of the podium for Tv8 which with the F1 USA Grand Prix, live, totaled 1,679,000 viewers and an 8.4% share. On Canale 5 ‘La notte di Scherzi a parte’ was seen by 1,234,000 viewers equal to 8.6% share, while Italia 1 with the film ‘The chocolate factory’ involved 869,000 viewers with 4.8% %. On La7 ‘Non รจ l’Arena’ collected 774,000 viewers with 5.3% and Rai2 with the series ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ recorded 729,000 viewers and 3.6% and, subsequently, with ‘Bull’, 543,000 with 2.8% share. On Retequattro ‘Zona Bianca’ had a following of 597,000 viewers with 4.1%, while Nove closed the prime time ranking with ‘The farmer looking for a wife’, seen by 373,000 viewers equal to 1.9% share.

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