Tiziano Ferro returns with the single ‘La vita Splendida’

Tiziano Ferro returns with the song ‘The splendid life’. The long-awaited single – written by Brunori Sas with Dimartino and the Latina artist, will be available from Friday 9 September in all digital stores (https://tiziano.lnk.to/lvs) and for radio programming. With a post on Instagram, Ferro gives fans a taste of the text: “But a life like this I still want a life like this. Thinking about it I shudder But I want to sing it even when the orchestra disappears.” The idea of ​​collaborating with Tiziano came to me while watching his documentary ‘Ferro’ on TV. I was particularly struck by his courage in putting himself naked, in sharing his fragility spontaneously, without filters, at the same time conveying the importance of getting up after the inevitable falls of life – says Brunori Sas – With Nino Dimartino we had already thrown down a first draft of ‘The splendid life’ and the more I went on in the vision of the documentary, the more it seemed perfect for Titian’s voice and story. So, without thinking too much, I picked up the phone and wrote him a message. From then on it was a succession of video calls on the Los Angeles / Cos Angeles axis, emails, auditions, alterations, up to the definitive version of the piece we are proud of instead. Happy that Tiziano has chosen it as a trailblazer for his new album “.