Savona, fire in the hospital in Pietra Ligure: 85 evacuated, 3 intoxicated

A fire broke out in the night in the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure (Savona). 85 patients were evacuated, three remained intoxicated. “It seems that the fire is of arson”, says the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, with a post on Facebook. “This morning I will be at the Santa Corona hospital for an inspection and to thank the firefighters and all the health personnel who have spent tirelessly in these hours to secure patients after a fire has developed inside the surgical pavilion, “he writes. “I am in constant contact with the general manager Prioli to follow the operations and have all the news in real time: according to the procedures envisaged, thanks to the intervention of the doctors on call and all the staff in the vicinity who have made themselves immediately available, I am 85 patients have been evacuated, three have smoke poisoning, one of them is in intensive care in Savona, while 8 employees have mild symptoms “, the governor said. “In the meantime, operations and checks by the police and firefighters are still in progress. It seems that the fire is of arson. We are working to try to limit the inconvenience as much as possible and reschedule as soon as possible. the visits and interventions that were planned from today and in the coming weeks, considering that a part of the building was rendered unusable by the flames “, concludes Toti.