With the remix of ‘Se avessi te’ the violinist HER hits the button on Lgbt rights

Fifteen years after the success of ‘Mater natura’, the first work of the Neapolitan director, Massimo Andrei, comes out for Joseba Publishing – from today in all digital stores – ‘Se avessi te’ in a remix version: the song by the violinist HER, soundtrack of the award-winning LGBT themed film presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2005 (where, among other things, it won the International Critics’ Week). Abandoned the more refined pop sounds of the original version, here comes a markedly electronic lash to give the song ‘Se avessi te’ a more gritty look, thanks to the contribution of two producers, Giovanni La Tosa and Eugene (Eugenio Valente). The same ones who at the moment are also at work for the realization of a larger project of which the piece is a first important piece: a series of re-editions of HER’s greatest hits that will compose a mini Ep entitled ‘Machine for songs’, to be released by the end of the year for Joseba Publishing directed by Gianni Testa. The video clip of ‘Se avessi te’, on the other hand, will be available on Youtube starting Friday 30 July. Says HER about ‘Mater natura’: “It was perhaps the first film that sought with its poetic force a legitimation in the world with respect to the transgender condition … Now all we need is a law!”. The Zan Ddl enters the music.

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