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Arisa: “It is clear what people want Zan’s bill, tensions to deviate from serious problems”


“It is so clear that the people are in favor of the Zan bill, of everyone’s freedom to be as they feel, which can only become law”. And the tensions in the majority due to the measure? “They are only deviations, in my opinion, from the real problems that are to be faced now in Italy, serious problems that also concern basic necessities for many people”. Word of Arisa, the outspoken artist who shares his reflections with Adnkronos: “There are those who are trying to make the process of the Zan bill difficult, but by now it is clear that the road is marked, just look at the squares with seniors, straight couples, entire families, kids, all determined to support this bill with the desire to make everyone freer, more themselves, happier. I was the godmother of Napoli Pride, I saw them. Even the Vatican he should take the opportunity to make concrete one of the most famous commandments: love your neighbor as yourself. I cannot think that a friend of mine can have rights other than mine “. “There should be no tension on such a thing – observes Arisa – beyond the possible changes, because it is unnatural to forbid people to be themselves. The Zan Bill is unarginable. It is a path that opens up towards individual freedom. Every freedom – the artist points out – because women also need to be more protected in their choices. For example, sometimes I think that I would like to have the opportunity to have a child alone, but in Italy I am not allowed this. is another discrimination to overcome. Often in couples, children are subject to the stress of quarrels, while guaranteeing them a profound serenity, even as a single, would protect them. And then because a woman who does not find love must give up her desire to maternity?”.



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