Dotan: “Mercy a deep gospel, full of healing and energy”

“It’s a song about forgiveness, about when you think about it and feel sorry for things. I wondered about these issues and I suffered with them for a long time, and at one point I said to myself ‘It’s time to forgive yourself. and accepting to learn from the things that happen ‘”. In a face-to-face interview with Adnkronos, the Israeli artist Dotan describes his new single ‘Mercy’, one of the songs that anticipated the release of the album ‘Satellites’ which, in addition to including the hits ‘Numb’, ‘No words’ and ‘There Will be a Way’, includes eight other intense and ‘sacred’ songs, in full Dotan style. “We need to make mistakes to grow, so this can be called a healing song. Keep going and don’t give up,” explains the Israeli, naturalized Dutch artist. Who tells Adnkronos a particular anecdote about the birth of ‘Mercy’: “There is a funny anecdote about the birth of ‘Mercy’. I was walking down the street, humming a musical tune. Suddenly I felt I was going to a studio, I took the little recording with me and said ‘I want to do a gospel song’. With the pandemic it seemed impossible, so I had to do it all by myself, “reveals Dotan. Which defines the song as “a deep piece, but also very full of energy. It is one of my favorites.” Best Artist & Songwriter of the Year, Best Male Artist for 3 consecutive years in Holland, Dotan, whose full name is Dotan Harpenau and began his career in the Netherlands, was affected like everyone by the hard period of the pandemic, which he says: “The pandemic was definitely not easy for anyone, and not even for me. For me not to be on stage, that it’s what I live for, it was very hard -remember- Really challenging. Sure, a chance to be with myself, lock myself in the studio, make a lot of music. Nice, ok, but now I can’t wait to get on stage meet people, feel the energy, “he says. In mid-July, Dotan will be a guest of Battiti Live 2021.

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