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Gianni Morandi: “It is difficult today to think of Grillo as a comedian, he doesn’t make you laugh so much anymore”


“I have often collaborated with Grillo … Then, he invented a party, an idea. But thinking about how he holds a party, even if I don’t know how much he holds all his parties today, he no longer makes me see him as a comedian, he is no longer a comedian. ” This is what Gianni Morandi observes, speaking at the Sky Tg24 live event in Florence. “It is more difficult to laugh at what Grillo says today, I don’t know if rightly and wrongly – Morandi emphasizes – Of course, he created an extraordinary movement that I never imagined could come to such a thing: today it doesn’t make you laugh so much. .. “. Morandi then returns to the accident immediately: “I don’t want to think about that moment, how I managed to get out of it … but I’m alive and I also managed to save my face. They looked at me from heaven!”. As for the collaboration with Jovanotti, for the song ‘L’allegria’, he says: “We heard Celentano together on the phone, we called him while we were making the song and Lorenzo told Adriano to hear her warning him that later he would scold him because she had given it to me and not to him … We joked together “.



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