Revolt against the Golden Globes, Scarlett Johansson: “Racists and sexists”

Actress Scarlett Johansson has joined in criticism of the Golden Globes. The organizers of the Golden Globe, that is the representatives of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), have been accused of lack of pluralism in the composition of the ‘jury’ and of rather obscure functioning. Earlier this week, the body voted for a reform to expand its membership. Johansson is among the stars and figures in the sector who are calling for a far more radical reform. The Golden Globes, film awards considered second only to the Oscars in terms of prestige, have been accused of discriminatory practices and ethically questionable behavior, such as the acceptance of gifts from film productions by members of the Hfpa. The Los Angeles Times revealed that there were no black people among the 87 members of the organization who voted for the awards. To change this situation, the HFPA announced in the last few days a package of reforms to make the organization more inclusive, with the expansion of its members, the indication for the recruitment of black members in the jury and the hiring of diversity consultants. The foreign press organization in Hollywood also said it would loosen the cloak of secrecy and strict admission rules that envelop the association. But many prominent Hollywood figures have branded the initiatives taken as insufficient. Johansson, who was nominated for five Golden Globes, has urged the entire film industry to boycott the organization unless it makes significant internal changes. The 36-year-old also recalled receiving “sexist questions and remarks from some HFPA members who bordered on sexual harassment.” Mark Ruffalo, co-star with Johansson in ‘Avengers’, joined the protest, calling the reforms announced by the HFPA “daunting” in a social post. “Honestly, as a recent Golden Globe winner, I cannot feel proud or happy to be the recipient of this award.” Meanwhile, Netflix and Amazon have said they will stop having relationships with HFPA until it goes further with its reform plans.