• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Spring does not take off, from Tuesday 11 May a gust of rain and thunderstorms


May 10, 2021

The next seven days will be marked by highly unstable weather due to the arrival of a series of disturbances that will hit many regions on several occasions, especially Northern Italy. The team of the site www.iLMeteo.it warns that a first disturbance will begin to affect the Northwest as early as today with increasingly widespread and strong rainfall on Val d’Aosta, Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy in the evening. On Tuesday, the disturbed front will impact in the North and in Tuscany, also hitting Umbria and part of Lazio. Abundant rainfall, thunderstorms and possible storms are expected on Liguria, Lombardy and the alpine and pre-alpine sectors of Veneto and Friuli, but also on Trentino Alto Adige. But that’s not all. In the following days the weather will continue to remain unstable especially in the North and in Tuscany, waiting for a new and intense disturbance that should threaten the weather next weekend. Temperatures will drop by almost 10 ° C in the presence of bad weather, they will remain rather hot and summer-like at least until Tuesday in the South. IN DETAIL Monday 10. In the north: worsening in the Northwest with gradually more widespread and intense rains. In the center: scattered clouds in Tuscany and Sardinia, sun elsewhere, warm. In the south: sun and summer heat. Tuesday 11. In the north: bad weather in all regions. Middle: bad weather in Tuscany, then Umbria, Lazio. In the south: sun and summer heat. Wednesday 12. In the north: unstable on the Triveneto and Lombard reliefs. Center: thunderstorms over upper Tuscany, locally over Umbria and then over the Marche. In the south: clouds and rain showers on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. Thursday other thunderstorms in the north.