The event manager: “Masks in the disco? Are illegal parties with serious risks fueled”

“You go to clubs to have fun, to socialize and also, let’s face it, to flirt. If someone intends to confirm the obligation of masks only for discos, it means that he has never gone to a party in his life, he does not know what it talks about. And, more seriously, it feeds illegal parties in apartments, villas, woods, where there is no control or security. Zero. Parties of this kind, and I know what I’m talking about, open the way to the crime of ‘ attempted massacre ‘. Do they realize it? “. Event manager Alessandro Asoli, who has been organizing mega musical events in Italy and Europe for years, clearly stigmatizes, speaking with Adnkronos, the hypothesis of subordinating the opening of discos to the use of masks. “It is one thing to go to a concert that is enjoyable even listening to the performer seated. Another thing is to go to the disco, but – Asoli highlights – the boys do not easily give up the desire to dance and socialize and then abusive parties appear where they are not. controlled in any way from any point of view, including drugs. We entrepreneurs of the night are required to have an evacuation plan in case of cataclysms of any kind, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, despite the fact that the premises are all fireproof, escape routes, cameras . In our events everything is controlled and regulated by rules that save lives. And if anyone gets sick, we have first aid personnel. “Not only that. According to the manager of the night, the Italian rules help the competition rather than the entrepreneurs of the boot: “In our discos the distance between each person must be 1 meter and 20, while in Spain, to mention one of the countries where the nightlife is at home , the necessary distance is 0.70 cm. This means that in Rome, the capital of Italy, only the Circus Maximus or the Hippodrome could be suitable if you want to have great artists. Alternatively you are obliged to opt for minor artists . Here, the entrepreneur of the night is like a Highlander. I will only be left 1. Going back to the contingent situation – Asoli summarizes – it makes no sense to open the discos with a mask and with the distances established to date. good San Marino: the discos are open there. And period. And whoever is vaccinated comes in “.

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