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Museums, Gianni Letta (Civita): “Digital for new uses and enhancements of heritage”


“All of us have been forced to review our habits and systems of life during the forced isolation due to the pandemic for Covid; and we have all discovered the wonders and virtues of digital and online connection, converting ourselves to a new way to relate. Even in the field of culture and museums, there may be new potential and ability to enjoy and enhance our immense artistic heritage “. This is what Gianni Letta, president of the Civita association underlines, speaking from the Spadolini room of the Mic at the presentation of the new Civita Report, ‘Next Generation Culture – Digital technologies and immersive languages ​​for new cultural audiences’, in collaboration with Icom, with a particular focus on museums, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. “The culture sector is the engine of development for our country and for Italy it can be the keystone of recovery and rebirth – observes Letta – The future of culture after the pandemic, the news of this extraordinary world, the way of enhancing this cultural and artistic heritage, based on the experiences made in the period of isolation, thanks to new technologies, they serve to combine tradition and history with the ability to anticipate the times. The Civita Report tries to answer the questions on the use of museums and digital development, with virtual visits and new roads, for users and companies operating in the sector, in collaboration between public and private, in the passage of an era “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)



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