Saviano case, Ravello Foundation writes to Letta: “We are free”

Case Saviano, the Foundation of the Ravello Festival writes to Letta after the controversy. A Foundation made up of “free and autonomous people no less than Mr. Scurati and Saviano”, we read. The “politics has nothing to do” with what has been decided for the programming of the Festival which has always and only put music at the center. This is in summary the content of the open letter of the Foundation to the leader of the Democratic Party who today on Twitter addressed his permanent invitation to Saviano and Scurati at the dem party, after the accusation made by the writer of ‘Gomorra’, via social media, to the governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, of not wanting him as a guest at the Ravello Festival and the consequent resignation of Antonio Scurati, who has been at the helm of the foundation for a few weeks. Read also “I am attaching the press release dated 18 June of the bodies of the Ravello Foundation, responsible for the cultural planning of the foundation itself, composed of free and autonomous people no less than Messrs Scurati and Saviano – reads the text of the letter punctually – It is mounted, on the resignation of Dr. Scurati, a political controversy, to which your post today is likely to act as a side, on a matter with respect to which ‘politics’ has nothing to do. It would be appropriate that before transforming them into martyrs of freedom for people who are not, inquire about the facts. The reason for the Ravello Festival is the realization of high-level musical events and the programming of the 2021 Festival, approved by the competent bodies, has provided for qualified concerts of international level, as per program that is attached for appropriate knowledge “. “He can come when he wants to attend the shows scheduled by the artistic director Alessio Vlad, as well as the celebration of the centenary of the death of Enrico Caruso, the eternal symbol of music in the world. Other events, which go beyond music, however, never proposed to the statutory bodies, but the result of impromptu and solitary initiatives – remark the organs of the Ravello Foundation – they are certainly coherent with the Friendship Festival, but unrelated to a music Festival of international importance, which has no political colors “. Returning to yesterday’s press release, June 18, recalled by the Foundation in the letter to Enrico Letta, here is the content. “In relation to some erroneous reconstructions on the background of the resignation of Prof. Antonio Scurati, the bodies in charge of the Ravello Foundation specify – is the text of yesterday’s note reported yesterday to the attention of the secretary of the Pd by the Foundation – that the board of directors and the steering committee, which are statutorily competent bodies, not only did not express themselves in order to approve the program of meetings between Scurati himself, Stefano Boeri, Roberto Speranza and Roberto Saviano, but they were never consulted on the subject by the president. It is not true, as can be seen from the audio video recording of the board meeting on June 14th, that Prof. Scurati proposed his personal program to the board of directors, just as it is not true that it was blocked by the Board. of Address for reasons related to political approval “. “Politics has nothing to do with it – the Foundation already emphasized yesterday – nor does it have questions of merit inherent to the respected guests hypothesized, noting instead a question of the correctness of the method and the democratic nature of decisions. Simply the former president of the Ravello Foundation, bypassing institutional roles and functions, it attempted to impose on the General Director, without any prior information to the Foundation bodies and without any collegial resolution, a cycle of debates outside the Festival program ritually approved on the basis of the Artistic Director’s report. in this story martyrs of freedom of thought, but more trivially there are clear violations of the rules that govern the life of legal persons “.” The members of the statutory bodies reserve every most effective protection in the appropriate fora in the face of any false and defamatory statements – also declared yesterday – The members of the Councils o Directors and the Board of Directors are free and autonomous persons no less than the resigning president. Probably not everyone is clear that being free presupposes compliance with the rules, including those that define roles and functions and impose the collegiality of decisions “.

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