Theater, Carlo Felice of Genoa starts from ‘Stravinsky’s Love’ with Vladimir Derevianko

World premiere on July 8 at the Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2021, Stravinsky’s Love, a show curated by Daniele Cipriani, a production created with the Carlo Felice Foundation in Genoa, which will be presented on July 10 at the Ravenna Festival (Rocca Brancaleone). The preview on 6 July will be at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma (Cavea) for the inauguration of the summer season of the National Academy of S. Cecilia. The cast includes Beatrice Rana, one of the most popular pianists on today’s international music scene, and the Dutch violinist Simone Lamsma who plays the prized 1718 Stradivari ‘Mlynarski’. A second pianist, Massimo Spada, completes the musical cast. For the ballets Apollo and Bird of Fire, the public will be able to listen to the historical recordings directed by Stravinsky himself. The musical consultancy of Stravinsky’s Love is by the musicologist Gastón Fournier-Facio, in the role of Igor Stravinsky, Vladimir Derevianko, former principal dancer of the Moscow Bolshoi (and, later, international étoile), who, with Russian accents, will recall moments of his life, memories and anecdotes, many of which are linked to the period of the Ballets Russes in which we find characters such as Picasso and Diaghilev, Nijinsky and Balanchine. Derevianko / Stravinsky plays some passages on the piano, performs some dance steps, and introduces the evening’s songs. The screenplay for Stravinsky’s Love ‘is written by the journalist and author Vittorio Sabadin and is based on writings by the composer himself.The tersicoreo cast will include among others the Spanish bailaor Sergio Bernal, Ashley Bouder of the New York City Ballet with Stravinsky), Davide Dato from the Vienna Opera, the duo Simone Repele / Sasha Riva from Ballet du Grande Théâtre de Genève. Some of the ballets in the program will see the historical choreographies, while others will be more recent creations, some of which will be premiered in Italy. Jacopo Bellussi and Alessandro Frola of the Hamburg Ballet are also expected in Rome, Nervi and Ravenna in a new ballet signed by the American choreographer John Neumeier on Divertimento, a piece for violin and piano taken from Le baiser de la fée, the ballet composed by Stravinsky in homage to Tchaikovsky. The work will be danced in Italy, during Stravinsky’s Love, a few days after its world premiere, on June 27, at the Nijinsky Gala in Hamburg. ‘interpreter next to Bouder), Apollo (the double step of Apollo and Terpsichore taken from the original choreography by George Balanchine, courtesy of © The George Balanchine Trust, interpreters Bouder and Bernal), The firebird (by Marco Goecke, interpreters Riva and Repele), Pulcinella (choreographed and danced by Riva and Repele). The version by Uwe Scholz was chosen for La Sagra della primavera and will therefore be represented for the first time in Italy. Interpreted by Dato, the choreography was reconstructed by Giovanni di Palma, the Italian dancer for whom the ballet was created.The dancers of the Daniele Cipriani Company are the interpreters of some pieces by Petrushka – Mattia Tortora (Petrushka), Susanna Elviretti (la Ballerina) with Tommaso Beneventi (il Moro) of the Royal Swedish Ballet – in the historical choreography of Fokine. The role of the Conjurer, which was first played by the legendary dancer and dance teacher Enrico Cecchetti in 1911, will be played by Vladimir Derevianko. Particular attention has been given to the costumes by Anna Biagiotti. Pulcinella’s dress (worn by Riva in the ballet of the same name) was recreated from the original drawing by Pablo Picasso, as were the costumes of four other characters (from the original ballet, however, that is Massine’s Pulcinella) who will parade on stage . Petrushka’s costumes are recreations from Benois’ original sketches. in addition, the flaming Firebird designed by Bakst for Fokine’s original ballet will appear. The director’s consultancy is by Annamaria Bruzzese. The show will be at the center of a production in television format that will be broadcast on July 20 on Rai 2 in the late evening. From the Parks of Nervi and the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa, the actress Alessandra Martines, who also had an important career as a classical dancer, will tell through images, anecdotes and interviews, the love story between Stravinsky and dance. at Stravinsky’s Love the patronage of the Stravinsky Foundation of which she is the president, the great-granddaughter of the composer Marie Stravinsky declared: “in consideration of Igor Stravinsky’s passion for ballet, whose productions, produced by Serge de Diaghilev in Paris, have greatly contributed at the birth of some of the most extraordinary musical works – including The Firebird (1910), Petrushka (1911) and The Spring Festival (1913) – wanting to encourage the Stravinsky’s Love programming by Daniele Cipriani in which narration, dance and music honor Stravinsky’s music with the talent of artists gathered in small ensembles – he specified again – we have granted this remarkable initiative of programming the patronage of the Foundation for the first recently authorized public performances which, from June to October 2021, will make a splendid musical journey in an Italy so loved by the composer “.” The patronage of the Stravinsky Foundation in Geneva was an important recognition – commented Daniele Cipriani – just as it is an honor to be able to present, for the first time in Italy, the new ballet by John Neumeier created for the 50th anniversary of Stravinsky’s death. Not only will the Stravinsky pages of Divertimento be played live by two superlative virtuosos such as Beatrice Rana and Simone Lamsma, but they will be danced by two recognized talented Italian dancers – Jacopo Bellussi and Alessandro Frola – on whom Neumeier has created his choreography “.” I wanted that alongside stars like Bouder and Bernal – added Daniele Cipriani – in the cast there was a large contingent of Italian dancers who dance in companies abroad. At the moment Italy has extraordinary talents around the world – in addition to Bellussi and Frola, also Davide Dato and the duo Simone Repele and Sasha Riva – We must know them and be proud of them “.

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