The dream of the Italians is always to buy a house

What if they gave the Italians 100 thousand euros? They would certainly buy a house, but there are those who would invest and those who would spend them for pleasure. When asked what they could in fact do if they were given that sum as a gift, 21.6% replied ‘I would buy a house’ (23.2% among women), while a very close percentage, equal to 17.9% instead he replied ‘I would invest them in stocks, funds or financial products’ and another very similar one, 17.2%, would spend them on cars, home renovations or traveling. This is what emerges from the 1st report ‘Italians: savings and investment’ carried out by Euromedia Research and Banca Mediolanum. The propensity to save is also confirmed, with 12.8% who would put them on the account, while 11.6% would give them to children and relatives, a percentage that rises to 23.1% if the over 65 respondents. Finally, 9.7% would pay off debts, while a very small percentage that does not reach 5% (4.7%) would keep them ‘under the mattress’.

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