Citizenship income, what happens if you find a job?

Due to the worsening of the crisis, the numbers of citizenship income continue to grow: it is a subsidy recognized to the unemployed and families in difficulty, which amounts up to a maximum of 780 euros per month for singles and up to 1,380 euros. euro for large families with the disabled reminds But what are the requirements for obtaining the subsidy? And if you find work, do you lose your citizenship income? The requirements for obtaining the subsidy are numerous and quite rigid: specific conditions relating to citizenship and residence, personal and administrative, income and assets must be met for all members of the applicant family. The subsidy is not incompatible with the work activity, but the income deriving from the work done can affect the right to the Rdc. So, if you find work, do you lose your citizenship income? The loss of the subsidy depends not only on the amount of work income received by one or more members of the household, but also on the presence of other income in the family (pensions, different assistance benefits …), as well as on the number of members. maximum income of the family unit, in fact, equal to 6 thousand euros per year, is increased according to the equivalence scale, which varies according to the number of family members: the applicant for the subsidy is worth 1 point, each adult in the unit is worth 0, 4 points and each minor 0.2, up to a maximum of 2.1, or 2.2 if there is a severely disabled or non self-sufficient disabled person in the family. Thus, from a threshold of 6 thousand euros per year, it is possible to reach a maximum family income of 13,200 euros. In addition, the Sostegni decree, in order to ensure that the subsidy does not discourage recipients from seeking a new job, allows the freezing of income, without any cut in the amount, if one or more temporary employment contracts are activated, if the family income threshold does not exceed 10 thousand euros. The suspension is allowed up to a maximum of six months. But let’s proceed in order: can you refuse your job to avoid losing your citizenship income? congruous (as defined by the decree on the reform of social safety nets, supplemented by the decree on citizenship income) over the period of use of the Rdc. You also have the option of withdrawing from employment twice within the same period. However, if you receive the income during the renewal phase, i.e. after the first 18 months, you must accept the first suitable job offer that is proposed to you: otherwise, you will lose the subsidy. how to receive, in agreement with the employer, the amounts “out of the envelope”: the cross-checks are assiduous and very effective. The penalties are severe: imprisonment for up to 6 years, revocation of the subsidy and inability to apply for it for 10 years certainly represent an excellent deterrent for the so-called “citizenship income cunning”. You can avoid looking for work in order not to lose your citizenship income. ? It is also not a good idea to avoid the obligations of active employment policy, such as participation in training and retraining courses, orientation meetings, selections and activities aimed at the constant search for a job: if it is true that those who are not looking for a employment, certainly does not find it, it is also true that those who do not undertake to look for a job can lose their citizenship income. the beneficiary, or a member of the family unit: do not appear at the calls set out in the employment agreement; do not participate, in the absence of justified reason, in orientation initiatives; do not respect the commitments provided for in the pact for social inclusion relating to the attendance of education or training courses, or the prevention and treatment commitments aimed at protecting health. Even not looking for work, not studying and ” letting go “, therefore, can be very expensive. Job found: is the citizen’s income lost? beneficiary of Rdc, the salary is integrated, through the citizenship income, up to the maximum income threshold calculated for your family unit. Initially, the income deriving from the new occupation will not be counted in full, but will be recognized for 80%, until it is included in the Isee certificate for the entire year. Francesco lives with Nadia, in his own home. Both receive a citizenship income of 700 euros per month. Franco finds a part-time job for which he is paid 500 euros per month. The citizenship income due, until the new Isee certification, will be equal not to 200 euros, but to 300 euros per month [700- (500 x 80%)]According to the new provisions of the Sostegni decree, if one or more temporary jobs are found and the family income does not rise above the threshold of 10 thousand euros: the citizenship income is suspended for the duration of the contracts, without its amount being reduced; up to a maximum of 6 months.The benefit resumes, without subsidy cuts, at the end of each contract. for the two months following that of the change in the employment status. Subsequently, the subsidy is updated every 3 months: the income is in fact identified according to the cash principle as the difference between the revenues – remuneration received and the expenses incurred in the exercise of the Alternatively, it is possible to benefit from a different incentive, not cumulative, equal to 6 months of Rdc, up to a maximum of 780 euros per month. ova a new job If you find a job while benefiting from the citizenship income, you must notify the INPS of the new job; the institute, in turn, will make the information available to the digital platforms for the activation of the Labor Pact and the Social Inclusion Pact. The change must be communicated with the “Rdc / Pdc – Extended Com” model within 30 days from its start. If you start a self-employed activity, you must also communicate the income received by the 15th day following the end of each quarter of the year.

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