Imprese, Assilea: Salone Leasing reconfirms the sector reference point

Lease2021, the leasing exhibition, reconfirms its role as a reference point for the sector and in the edition of 20 and 21 October next it looks to the NRR and the Country project. Managing access to financing for SME investments with simplicity and certainty, being able to count on professionals and companies who know how to assist in planning growth and seizing all the opportunities and tools, including regulatory ones, is the necessary link between the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is the backbone of Italian companies. Assilea underlines this in a note. The fourth edition of the Leasing Exhibition puts this perspective and the necessary connected tools at the center of the public debate, with appointments dedicated to the realization of the six missions of the Ngeu seen through the eyes of industry, business and leasing. From the challenges of digitalization and Fintech to supporting companies in the context of Italian industrial policy, from Public Leasing to Agriculture 4.0, from Sustainable Mobility to the Cluster of the sea, including the analysis for a lower capital absorption. Lease2021 therefore proposes to offer all professionals, companies, institutions, public decision-makers and the media a window on economic news, on forecasting trends, on financial products, on regulations, to allow them to find answers. in terms of professional growth and market evolution. The first day is dedicated to economic analysis and opens with the contribution of the President of Abi, Antonio Patuelli and continues with the round table with the participation of the Vice President and Director of the Edison Foundation, Marco Fortis, of the President of Confartigianato, Marco Granelli , by the President of Assilea, Carlo Mescieri, and the important speech by Confindustria, moderated by Maria Latella. Taking advantage of the technological tools that have become commonly used in the last year and a half, Lease2021 Hybrid Edition puts on live sessions in presence as part of a television and digital format usable in streaming. “The Leasing Show is back with renewed energy, a new format, full of fast and dynamic contents, to deal with current economic issues and future scenarios in which Lease will play a leading role in the restart of the economy. Alberto Fedel, Partner of Newton Spa underlines “We are working – concludes Fedel – to make the event more and more interesting, through the creation of a hybrid event that aims to create culture and create value” “The fourth edition of the Leasing Exhibition looks to a horizon that expands and goes beyond the opportunities of new business for the associates, looking at the tools for the growth of the country ”, comments Carlo Mescieri, President of Assilea. “In this sense, leasing is truly the link between the PNRR and SMEs, an essential element for grounding the Restart Plan. The leasing industry is therefore called upon to face important challenges, such as the reduction of capital absorption, the application of IFRS16 principles in accounting, the management of NPLs in the post-pandemic, the fight against shadow banking and the desired standardization of supervision for financial institutions in EU countries “.

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