School, Floridia (Ministry of Education): ‘Ecological and cultural transition plan coming soon’

“As the Ministry of Education we have decided to set up an important initiative: a national plan for the ecological and cultural transition in schools, because it is urgent to change our common ecological alphabet because only by giving new words can we imagine and understand economics and different worlds. What does this plan intend to do? Not only to train students, but also teachers and families, the whole community “. This was announced by Barbara Floridia, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, on the occasion of the presentation of the book “What is the circular economy” by Emanuele Bompan (Edizioni Ambiente). “We must underline the importance of the circular culture instead of the throwaway culture that has prevailed so far, and if at school a new housing model of our planet is not dealt with in a structural way, even through new circular economic models, we will not be able to do it as So – he adds – we will not only strengthen environmental education in schools, but we want to add trainers who can, together with teachers, enrich the training phase on environmental education that is systemic so that it is no longer perceived as disconnected from everything else. , I’m thinking about nutrition, mobility … We have imagined an ambitious model for schools “.

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