• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Dl Sostegni Bis, from refreshments to work and families: the new decree of 40 billion


May 20, 2021

From double-track refreshment points, to the work package, passing through aid to families and the new Alitalia. There are a total of 77 articles in the draft of the Sostegni Bis decree, expected today at the launch of the Council of Ministers. The provision for a total of € 40 billion, allocates € 15.4 billion for refreshments, between the down payment and the balance at the end of the year. These are the main measures. RESTAURANTS IN TWO TIMES. The allocation for the down payment and the balance of the new refreshments amounts to over 15 billion. According to a draft of the Dl Sostegni Bis, the government allocates 8 billion for a new tranche of support to be paid automatically immediately for those who have suffered losses, according to the scheme already implemented in the past. Allocation of 3.4 billion for those who choose the new calculation of the decline in revenues, or a system according to which the average monthly amount of turnover and fees for the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 is lower than at least 30 for one hundred compared to the average monthly amount of turnover and fees for the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. The contribution cannot exceed 150 thousand euros as in the other editions of the refreshment points. In addition, the dl allocates 4 billion for the year-end adjustment based on the results for the year. CLOSED ACTIVITY INDEMNITY. A 100 million euro fund is also set up for 2021 for activities that have been closed for at least four months in total, in the period between January 1, 2021 and the date of conversion of the decree. The audience and the allocation will be determined by decree of the Ministry of Economic Development, which will also identify the methods of disbursement of the measure such as to guarantee payment within the following thirty days. CUTTING BILLS AND TARI. Extension to July 31 of the cut in bill charges for a cost of 150 million for the state coffers. With the decree there would also be a subsidy on the tax on waste, Tari. Cost of the operation 600 million. “In relation to the persistence of the epidemiological emergency, in order to mitigate the financial impact on the economic categories affected by the mandatory closures or restrictions in the exercise of their respective activities, a fund has been established in the forecast of the Ministry of the Interior with a budget of 600 million euros for the year 2021, aimed at granting by the municipalities a reduction of the Tari “. DISCOUNT FOR RENTALS STORES. Extension to 31 July of the tax credit for the lease payments of properties for non-residential use and business leases. TOURISM, BONUS HOTELS. The tourist sector, economic and commercial activities in the Cities of Art and the hotel bonus are coming. FASHION. Tax credit for the textile and fashion sector. The cost of the measure is 170 million euros for 2021 and 150 million euros for 2022. NEW STOP COLLECTION Extension of the suspension of collection activities to 30 June. This is foreseen by a draft of the Sostegni Bis dl today on the table of the Council of Ministers, which Adnkronos was able to view. The plastic tax is also postponed to January 1, 2022. ALITALIA. For 2021, Alitalia under extraordinary administration and the other companies of the same group under extraordinary administration are granted a loan for consideration not exceeding 100 million euros and with a maximum duration of six months, to be used for business continuity and management. A draft of the Sostegni bis dl provides for this. The loan, according to the text, is granted, also through treasury advances, with the application of interest at the six-month Euribor rate published on the working day prior to the disbursement date, increased by 1,000 basis points, and is returned on maturity. , for capital and interest, in pre-deduction, with priority over any other debt of the procedure. LIQUIDITY OF COMPANIES. The measures for corporate liquidity are extended to 31 December. Furthermore, the maximum duration of public guaranteed loans would be extended up to 10 years, from the previous six. REM. For the year 2021, a further four shares of emergency income, Rem, relating to the monthly payments of June, July, August and September 2021 are recognized, upon request. Until 31 December, the 3% monthly reduction is not applied starting from the fourth month of use at Naspi. Starting from January 2022, the amount of the benefit is calculated by applying the reductions corresponding to the months of suspension that have passed. The dl also expands the number of companies for the application of the expansion contract. The decree lowers the threshold from 250 to 100 employees in order to be able to apply the contract to allow an incentive to leave workers with 60 months to retire. OPTION ‘WORK LESS WORK ALL’. In the ‘work package’ there is also the rule for the reduction of working hours to guarantee employment levels, subject to agreements with the parties, as an alternative to wage integration treatments. The average hourly reduction cannot exceed 80 per cent of the daily, weekly or monthly working hours of the workers affected by the collective agreement. For each worker, the overall percentage reduction in working time cannot exceed 90 percent over the entire period for which the collective agreement is stipulated. 6 MONTHS DECONTRIBUTIONS WITH RE-EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT. As an exception, until 31 October 2021 the re-employment contract is established, with the zeroing of the contribution burden for the company for six months, as an open-ended employment contract to encourage workers to enter the labor market. unemployed. “Private employers, with the exception of the agricultural sector and domestic work, who hire workers with the contract referred to in this article are granted, for a maximum period of six months, exemption from payment of 100 percent of the total social security contributions paid by employers “, reads the draft. ANPAL ‘COMMISSARIATA’. Anpal is back under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor and the top management will not be a president but “a director”. This is foreseen by a draft of the Sostegni Bis dl, which also allocates 70 million euros in 2021 to strengthen employment centers for active employment policies. AID FOR FAMILIES, EXPENSES, RENTALS AND BILLS. Spending, rent and bills bonuses for families in difficulty. “In order to allow municipalities to adopt urgent measures of food solidarity, as well as support for families in need for the payment of rents and domestic utilities, it is established in the estimate of the Ministry of the Interior a fund of 500 million euros for the year 2021 “, reads the draft. 1,600 EURO PER SEASONAL. Allowance of 1,600 euros for seasonal workers. A draft of the Dl Sostegni Bis provides for this. “To seasonal employees in the tourism sector and spas who have involuntarily ceased their employment in the period between January 1, 2019 and the date of entry into force of this decree, who have worked for at least thirty days in the same period, who are not entitled to a pension or an employment relationship or Naspi at the date of entry into force of this decree, an all-inclusive allowance of € 1,600 is recognized “, the law states.