Wine, Ferreri (Coldiretti): ‘The challenge is to communicate Italy as the first producer of value’

“Communicating Italian wine in the world means communicating history and territory. And it is the great value of Italian wine”. Thus Francesco Ferreri, president of Coldiretti Sicilia, speaking at the launch event of Adnkronos Wine, the new journalistic information channel on the portal, the result of the collaboration between the Agency and, the online magazine launched by Mww Media, publishing company of Mww Group. “Italy is the first wine producer in the world but our challenge must be to communicate Italy as the first valuable wine producer in the world. – underlined Ferrari – If we think that France with a production lower than ours produces a value much wider, we probably have a lot to work with and with a heritage like ours it can be simple if we use new communication channels that speak to end consumers, who are the basis of everything because they move the market, making them the first ambassadors of Italy , in Italy and in the world “.