Ricci Curbastro: ‘We need to communicate in a different way’

“Information is culture and for us farmers, culture and culture are the same thing”. This is what Federdoc president Riccardo Ricci Curbastro said when speaking at the launch event of Adnkronos Wine, the new journalistic information channel on the Adnkronos.com portal, the result of the collaboration between the Agency and the Mww Group publishing company. “As a world of consortia, we have followed Milano Wine Week since its debut convinced that everything that sounds new and even iconoclastic in wine is useful. – he added – Traditions, even those of wine, evolve and this is the way in which we must face the production, enhancement and communication of wine “. “In recent years the consortia have been very good in the first two items, we have put in a control system that is unique in Europe, it is the best performing in the world and we have worked a lot on sustainability, on the issue of communication instead we have to invest a lot and we are happy that you are doing it because we have to change the way we tell ourselves, we are often complicated, we struggle to tell ourselves fully, we have 525 denominations. This can be seen as a problem, there are too many, or as an opportunity “. “In communicating these aspects we must spend a few more words: break the habits we have in communicating wine and invent something new, – he concluded – we must reason with consumers by attracting them in a different way, even young people who are increasingly wandering in the cellars “concluded Ricci Curbastro referring to the publishing initiative Adnkronos Wine.