• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Mobility, Poggio (Legambiente): “The era of proximity opens in post Covid”


May 10, 2021

“With the exit from Covid and the distancing season, the era of proximity will open, of urban living full of relationships and opportunities to be seized in a short distance, 15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by bike away from the residence or from the workplace. Or even from the place of ‘smart working’ or remote study, formulas that will continue even after Covid “. This was explained by Andrea Poggio, Legambiente’s Mobility Manager, commenting on the Doxa research data on the mobility of the future commissioned by Groupama’s ‘Change Lab, Italia 2030’ Observatory. “The urban design of our cities changes mobility: a road 30 per hour or a cycle path is enough to change traffic, flows and means of transport. Thus the technologies enabling the ecological and digital transition will induce us to change the styles of mobility “underlines Poggio who explains:” Among the technologies that break into mobility there are zero-emission and electric engines, digitalization, geolocation, automatisms, the sharing of information in an open but protected form “.” This is how in the most advanced large cities people live without more cars, but also moving five or six times a day with an infinite number of different means and mobility services: from scooter to the subway, from the car to the tram, from the bike to the electric bus, both public and shared “.” It is difficult to formulate a homogeneous forecast, because the change will greatly differentiate life depending on whether we are talking about cities, suburbs, mountains, of coastal realities, but also of age, social classes and cultural propensities. Already today there are those who have started the transition for years and those who will not see it even in 2030, when many things will probably change as new means and services become accessible to many Italians ”concludes Poggio.