Bikes and scooters, he owns 1 Italian out of 2

While it is true that currently almost all Italians declare that they have at least one car in their family, 1 in 2 confirm that they also have a ‘muscle’ or electric bike and / or scooter. This was revealed by a Bva-Doxa research for the ‘Change Lab, Italy 2030’ Observatory carried out by Groupama Assicurazioni, the first branch of the French Groupama Group and one of the main players in the insurance sector in Italy, which wanted to investigate the main 2030 will change the lifestyle habits of Italians. However, the diffusion of light mobility vehicles on the territory is highly uneven: it ranges from 65% in northern Italy to 38% in the south and the islands, passing through 50% in the center. In any case, the Italians are all in full agreement on one fact: also in terms of mobility, the environment – looking to 2030 – must be increasingly protected. And how? For 35%, limiting or even abolishing the use of polluting vehicles in the city; for 36% using only ecological means of transport and for 3 out of 10 Italians (29%) using multimodal mobility for travel: more means and forms of transport, even shared, and less polluting. In the center, those most inclined to multi-modality (37%), while in the north-west the most convinced to say goodbye to cars in urban centers (39%) to solve the problem of pollution.