From car tax to personal income tax, all the taxes that ‘weigh’ on Italians

From the municipal surcharge on passenger boarding rights on aircraft to the municipal surcharge on personal income tax, from the additional tax on motor vehicle tax for cars with higher power. 185 kw to the regional surcharge on natural gas excise duty. And again the regional surcharge on personal income tax and car tax, fees on telecommunications and Rai TV and the flat rate tax on rents (both ‘normal’ and ‘subsidized’). Without forgetting notarial archive rights and cadastral rights, Chambers of Commerce rights and storage rights. These are just some of the main taxes and fees that every year ‘weigh’ on the pockets of Italians. According to a non-exhaustive list drawn up by the UNGDCEC, the National Union of Young Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, for Adnkronos / Labitalia, the main taxes payable by taxpayers are in fact about one hundred. Of course, these taxes do not apply to all taxpayers, but it depends on the type of business or ownership of real estate or vehicles. A ‘jungle’ of obligations in which, in addition to citizens, also intermediaries, such as accountants, must move. “Not only do we have an idea of ​​how many taxes Italians pay each year, but for work we also need to calculate them all. And I assure you that it is not an easy task”, Matteo De Lise, UNGDCEC president, explains to Adnkronos / Labitalia. According to De Lise, “first of all, it should be clarified that taxes are useful if the resulting proceeds are able to translate into efficient services for taxpayers”. “In our view, the main taxes to be reviewed are those of a regional and municipal nature. Firstly, IRAP for companies. I do not agree with the hypothesis of replacing it with ‘additional to IRES’ or similar. Yes it would deal exclusively with new taxes that replace the previous ones “, he explains again. For De Lise, on the subject of taxes, the time has come for a change of pace. “It is time that they streamlined the number of ‘taxes to be calculated’, having the courage to eliminate some of them, without just changing the name. On the same wavelength, the tax on real estate should be revised, that is the former Iuc, now only Imu and Tari. A national rate would be enough, and not one for each municipality. The system of direct taxation should then be revised in a totalitarian way and not only for the personal income tax. A serious reform affects the entire tax sector and does not think in terms of ‘pieces’ . We hope that the Draghi government will continue to do so “, underlines De Lise. Too many taxes and obligations that do not help either the taxpayers or the work of intermediaries. “Certainly confusion – underlines De Lise – does not go hand in hand with simplification. Every tax, first of all, must be studied by us ‘intermediaries’, and we are much more than intermediaries, must be explained to the taxpayer and then calculated. Trivially, more taxes are, more formalities, calculations and F24 will have to be done. Beyond the technical opinion, simple logic is enough to realize it “, he adds. The tax reform envisaged by the Recovery plan therefore becomes more than an urgency and will have to aim, according to De Lise, “on streamlining bureaucracy, ease of calculation and above all reduction of labor costs.” “We need, in times of crisis, ease and speed for economic recovery. The recovery itself passes through work and the creation of value that only companies can give. Naturally, I would direct these efforts towards strategic sectors and, above all, towards young people, who must be the real engine of the national recovery ”, he warns. And in conclusion, for De Lise, it would be necessary to “totally review direct taxation (Irpef, Ires) and regional and municipal taxes (Imu, Additional, Tari).” But here is the list of the main taxes, drawn up by the UNGDCEC: municipal surcharge on boarding rights for passengers on aircraft; municipal surcharge on personal income tax; additional revenue tax for cars with a power exceeding 185 kw; regional surcharge on natural gas excise duty; regional surcharge on personal income tax; car tax; fees on telecommunications and Rai TV; flat rate coupon on rents (both ‘normal’ and ‘subsidized’); government concessions; Conai environmental contribution (National Packaging Consortium); building concession contributions; reclamation consortia contributions; Sistri contribution (Traceability control system of Waste); Solidarity contribution on high incomes (The solidarity contribution on high incomes of an amount exceeding 300 thousand euros applies in the period 2011-2016); with Ssn tax on Rc auto awards; unified contribution for registration in the role (a contribution is due for each level of judgment in the civil and administrative proceedings); unified tax process contribution; law in the national register of environmental managers; notarial archive rights; cadastral rights; rights of the Chambers of Commerce; storage rights; tax rights on public performances; rights for marks affixed to goods; Siae rights; cadastral tax; stamp duty; stamp duty on capital abroad; stamp duty on the secrecy of shielded capital; registration and substitute tax. In addition: purpose tax; tourist tax; tax on private aircraft; tax on passenger air taxi flights; mortgage tax; own municipal tax (Imu); tax for the adaptation of accounting principles (IAS); tax on capital gains on the sale of shares (capital gain); provincial transcription tax; regional tax on productive activities (IRAP); regional tax on petrol for motor vehicles; regional tax on aircraft noise emissions; substitute tax for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, advantageous regime and facilitated flat-rate regime; substitute tax on prizes and winnings; tax on electronic cigarettes (Consumption tax on substitutes for smoking products); property tax abroad; tax on mineral oils and derivatives; tax on spirits (alcoholic distillation); tax on non-condensable gases; tax on games, skills and competitions for predictions; tobacco tax; methane gas tax; tax on the game of Totocalcio and Enalotto; tax on Totip game and Unire bets; lottery and lottery tax; personal income tax (Irpef); value added tax (VAT); beer tax; insurance tax; auto liability insurance tax; Regional tax on state concessions of state property and unavailable assets; license tax; tax on insurance mathematical reserves; financial transaction tax (Tobin Tax); electricity tax; municipal taxes on advertising and billboards; Substitute taxes on managed savings; taxes on life insurance and supplementary pensions; corporate income taxes (IRES); inheritance and gift taxes; Ires increase in shell company; new substitute tax for the revaluation of company assets; proceeds from casinos; substitute tax revaluation of severance pay; withholding taxes on interest and other capital income; withholdings on profits distributed by companies; border surcharge on non-condensable gases (border surcharge on non-condensable gases from petroleum products and on gases made liquid by compression); border surcharge on methane gas (border surcharge on methane gas, packaged in cylinders or other containers, used as fuel for transport and as fuel for uses other than those of individual artisan enterprises). ; border surcharge on matches; border surcharge on non-biodegradable plastic bags; border surcharge on beer; border surcharge on mineral oils; annual tax on numbering and stamping of accounting books and records; pleasure craft annual tax; tax on goods loaded and unloaded in the ports, bays and beaches of the State; emission tax of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides; tax and unloading of goods transported by air; occupancy tax of Tosap public spaces and areas (municipal); port tax on goods loaded and unloaded in state ports; regional tax for professional qualification; regional tax for the right to university study; waste disposal tax (Tari); tax on regional concessions; additional taxation of financial sector stock options; university fees and contributions; school fees (enrollment, attendance, exam fee, diploma fee); tax for the exercise of the functions of protection, protection and hygiene of the environment; Special landfill tax.

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